Tuesday, March 11, 2014

5. 4. 3. 2. 1 - My First Impressions Of Time Trialing

After taking advice from Melvin and Peter, my need for speed has led me to entering a few local SPOCO (hilly sporting course) style time trials, which run similarly to standard T Ts but test riders over hilly non-standard distances, much like Continental T Ts.

They call time trialing the "race of truth" and how true this seems to be. First impressions are of a very "pure" form of racing, where there are no excuses and its just man against man. Everyone is equal.
With riders racing alone, starting at 1 min intervals, over a set route and distance. Its just YOU, along with the bike, the road with the ticking of the clock in the back of your mind.

Sign on, collect your number then its time to warm up. The hum and buzz of rollers and turbos fill the air.

Riders roll up to the time-keeper and wait for their numbers to be called. Breathing heavily and sweating lightly from the warm up ready for action. Ideally arriving with just over a minute before your start time.

Held up by the "pusher", this is your moment to compose yourself in readiness for the road ahead.
Select a suitable gear for your starting effort, you need to get up to speed quickly but without over-cooking it. Gaining speed you can shift up a couple of gears, settling into a rhythm and pace for the event. Tucking into a good aerodynamic position, being able to harness more muscular power.

Aim at an even effort over the whole distance. If you can, pick up pace in the last couple of miles. You should cross the line exhausted with no energy left.

For many the aim is to beat personal best times or to perhaps beat a club mate or rival. An excellent way to test and measure fitness throughout the season.

Aerodynamics, position, style, it all counts. Trying to iron off those split second differences, which add up to a position on the finishing board. Also knowing whats in your legs and tank, easy to go hard at the start and die half-way, better to read the feelings your body gives you and let your mind fight the pain.

I've enjoyed the events I've done so far and look forward to many more this year. For now realistic and reasonable goals are my aim, with a better performance and representation for the club.
I need a good conversation with Brian if I'm ever to perform anything like him. 

Chris Smith

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