Monday, January 06, 2014

Grimpy's Cross News ?

Just done only my 3rd & 4th cross's of the season
Third Event 
December 29th LVRC Nat Champs

Sorry about the quality of pic, gave my iPhone to another non technical winner? I'm flanked by the Jewson duo Mick Ives and Graham Clements struggling to get my jersey on. If i recall correctly i was 25th in the overall the winner was Darren Atkins who is presently leading the BC nat trophy series. For you old sods like me you will remember his Father the great John Atkins. Superb course at Moreton Morbury, fantastic decent but due to my condition lots of heavy breathing.

Fourth Event 
World Masters UCI champs 4th Jan 2014- Venue Gossau in Switzerland (about 20km from Zurich) 
An eventful trip.
I made the decision to go a few days before the event dreaming i had the condition? 
Took the north sea ferry and drove down to Mulhouse in France close to the
swiss border for my overnight stay leaving me with about 100mile trip to the venue. 
Arrived via sat nav.(how did we mange without it), in reasonable shape considering the long drive on Saturday morning about 3 hours before the event start time at 13.00. Signed on to the 65 + championship event with no over 70's cat. The last time i road in the over 65's i was 5th but that was 3 years ago? Still because i was an ex world champ i was on the front row of the grid. So with ego built up the gun fired and we were away. Off road into the glue and down the first decent, Vic Barnet (2013 over 65's world Champ) falls but i stay on and go through the pits in 5th place. But already my bike is clogging up due to the conditions (5C in the swiss alps in January) we need some snow. Reality jumps in I've no support just a spare bike which i dropped in the pits, i did ask Mick Ives if Jewson team support could assist. ' Best you take yourself so you remember where it is'? Still you can float when you are in the grove and have the condition?
Gradually i am past by a few riders and am going backwards quick. So its into the pits and onto my spare bike. Fatigue easer's and i start to move with less pain. The welcome bell sounds but the spare bike weighs more than PG's machine and its getting clogged up. I pass the pits and my girl friday (lovely young girl whom I've never met) shouts I've jet cleaned your bike i smile saying dreams do come true?
Away on the light machine and up goes the speed and my moral, i catch one guy with a stars and strips jersey and see another ahead who i thought i caught on the line. But computer result shows same time and behind him still i was only sprinting for 8th. So sorry guys best i could do was 9th? still they were all younger than me? Well it makes me feel better. Also if you are going to win you have to race and train in your specific event. So next year i'm resolving to get in better shape? Its the long drive back -still i found a new friend but don't tell maureen.
Finally i see i will be able to get an hammering on the road soon on the sunday (training) runs, but before that it's the BC national champs in Derby this Saturday.
Cheers Grimpy   



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