Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wednesday Vets Ride

Another good turnout and another good day weather-wise. By the time I had got to Shelf Roundabout it had been decided that we would make another attempt to find Knaresborough (see 2 weeks ago). With Grimpy and Hoppy banned from the front we achieved this objective and found our usual cafe closed, however a very good alternative was found only yards away.

The return journey was made via The Beryl Burton Way to Knox; Pennypot Lane and Otley. The skyscapes were impressive but my colleagues on the road were reluctant to wait as I struggled to resist the urge to stop and take a few snaps on my phone. I cracked at Farnley and just had to stop and take the above photo. The chase was then on, not only didn't they wait for me to record the image but I'm convinced that they must have upped the pace, my thanks go to Lumby who loitered up the Chevin allowing me to regain contact (he's also asked me to point out that the mileage on the above route map is my distance and another 10 miles or so should be added for him as he has a longer ride to the meeting place).

From Shipley the hardmen took the scenic road home through Saltaire and the Golf Club climb, even adding a new section to our usual roads - Harrop Edge and Ten Yards Lane.

We now have about 30 takers for the Vets Christmas Dinner on the 18th, ages ranging from 27 (Padiham Chris) to mid 80's (Gordon Turner), rarely seen Condor legends who have booked their chairs include Eric Walker, Slim Sullivan and Mick Hellawell.

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