Friday, June 07, 2013

Trevor Lever Memorial 'Road Race' (to Skipton & back)

On one hand this was a more disciplined ride than some in the past. No-one took advantage by jumping lights or fighting past traffic, some riders even corrected their mistake of turning early at the by-pass roundabout (unfortunately some didn't get back on). However there was clearly a tactical battle simmering between the 3RT & VS Cycles lads with only a handful prepared to work.
There was still a fairly large group at Ingrow as 'Bin-man' Thompson opened proceedings. A smaller group of 8 or so were left at the tip top with myself and Paul Daly having to suffer the numerous attacks by younger legs. It came to a sprint for the Halifax sign at the cutting with young Alex getting there before Mick Collins, then myself just getting round Dom.
My certificate - efficiently prepared and handed out to those in the pub afterwards, says 1 hour 22 mins.  
Thanks Neil Dyson, Hoppy, Chris Crossland and others helping on the night. Looked like a record turn-out in great weather.
I heard complaints from some 'senior' riders that Peter had earlier taken the Wednesday run over some of the hardest hills around, so that is perhaps why he didn't show up !

Planning to make the Good Companions 200k on Sunday, as are several others I spoke to, especially with the weather looking so good. Next Sunday the 16th I am joining some of the V.S. lads on the High moors sportive from Appleby taking in new terrain around Teesdale and Weardale.

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