Monday, June 17, 2013

LVRC National Criterium Champs 15th June

An eventful day ended with a CONDOR win in the over 70's cat.
It was my first ride at the hillingdon venue close to Heathrow.  The circuit is in a small country park,
just less than 1 mile long, wide and yes amazingly smooth tarmac with a couple of undulations and nice smooth bends. Weather conditions were just before the start heavy rain,windy almost a gale, although during the event it remained dry. I punctured twice once before the start and whilst panicking (the chimp kicked in) i managed to replace the rear wheel inner tube. Turned out this was my best decision as it allowed me to have spare wheels at the start line which i needed, my new rear tub blew after 30mins of the race. Luckily criterium rules allow wheel changes until 5 laps to go.
Derek Wooding (team Mick Ives) as provided a detailed race report  which you can find on the LVRC web site.   Derek had a great ride and mindful of Mick Ives out sprinting Brian at Bashaw Eaves i kept my eye on Derek and Mick eventually getting a wonderful lead out from Derek to get the jersey.

Honest thats me in the centre on the podium shot (a Graham Watson special?)

well thats the easy bit, got to follow Pete around the Fred Witton route on wednesday that will be fun??

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