Thursday, August 23, 2012

Midweek Meanderings

A couple of weeks ago we took to the mountain bikes with Mr Holt for an impromptu Wednesday evening ride in the wild places about Hubberton Green on the top of the moor. Briefly, fleetingly, it was warm and dry, and clear and sunny. Shorts and shorts sleeves, carrying CamelBaks but leaving our woes behind.We worked our way along, exploring unfamiliar, untamed and overgrown bridleways and back down exciting new steep descents. So good we pulled our way back up Scout Road and found another packhorse path of well worn flags to rocket down. Just thought I'd mention it. You know it can be really good round here. Sometimes.

Then, just this past Sunday, we were honoured by the company of both Nigel and Richard for an extensive tour of the northern parish of punishment park, with no less than three crossings of the watershed from west to east and back, and back again - Isle of Skye, Meltham & Marsden to Diggle & Delph (Standedge Cutting perhaps, officially), then, regaining more familiar ground, Buckstones and back home. It started fine, we were well fed at the second cafe we tried in Uppermill, then set off for the major climbs with a bit of drizzle for company. Ah well, it was good to be out.

This week? Steve says he has a route. Something involving Bacup Road. I know, I know ...


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