Saturday, May 19, 2012

Etape du dales tomorrow ... a congregation/parliament/murder/concatenation/neap (collective noun?) of condors setting off at 8am from rugby club at grassington and up into a north easterly, evidently we might just reach double digit temperatures by mid-day, so bring the sun bloc as an ironic gesture.

In an idle moment watch this film ... aaahhhhhhh, the halcyon days of yesteryear when cycling was 'in the water' of the place:

Enjoyed the film Robin, we'll have to try the communal singing on the next club run - good luck to you and Mel, and any other Condors who my be there in tomorrows Etape', won't be there myself as over in the Wolds and Howardian Hills again, riding the East Riding 200 Audax and I know that Brian is road racing south of the Humber and Grimpy's travelling down to Malvern for the latest round of the Percy Stallard National Series. I'm sure he wouldn't admit it but Brian appears to be finding his form with a 56min ride in the Drig. 25 last weekend handing out a beating to such youngsters as VS's Andy Marshall  (should never have left the Condor) and Danial Shaw of the Imps - not bad for someone who enters the last year of his 7th decade next week!   Grimpy has been busy travelling the country recently taking a 3rd behind World Masters Champion, Mike Allen, at Chester last week and a 1st at Worcester a few weeks earlier. Pete Smith is back in the bunch but still recovering from a nasty bug and Simon, who's road racing down in Lichfield today, has started adding points to his recently acquired 3rd cat. licence.  We had 3 riders in round 2 of the Summer 'Cross series at Todmorden last Weds evening with Adrian Lord just edging out Richard with Steve Cavell not far behind. The race was won by Crosstrax's Neil Crampton with former mate from Monday evening mountain bike rides, Chris Taylor, now riding for Pedalsport, an excellent 2nd.  I'm going to be missing for a few weeks from Thursday - surgery on the foot - I've been told by the Doc. I'll be out of action for about 6 weeks but I'm hoping it won't take that long - unfortunately I'll be missing next Sat's Condor RR so good luck to all our riders especially Damian who's returning to the bunch for the first time for several years.            PeteH

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