Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday 29th April Red Rose Ride

Did anyone turn up? Did anyone set off? Did anyone make it back?

Decided against the bike today; instead, short run at 9, showered by 10, coffee and cake by 11.

Just about to crank up the heating, puff up the sofa and tune in to Eurosport, ready for Wiggins' victory over Luis Leon Sanchez in the Tour of Romandie.

Who says I can never make the right selection?


PeteH replies,   You must be getting soft Richard, the weather conditions just added some spice to the event. You were not alone in your defeatist attitude as I was the only Condor to ride (Simon did come and keep me company as far as Whalley Abbey but having raced on Saturday never intended doing the full route). We rode with VC167's Bob Johnson and Jason from Greetland (think thats the right name) who I suspect was disappointed at the non appearance of Melvin and Robin with whom he'd enjoyed a brisk pace in the Spring into the Dales a couple of weeks ago.
As Simon tucked into his full english breakfast at the Abbey Tearooms the rain got heavier and the wind grew stronger. We were joined on the next stage - to Glasson Dock - by the now legendary Bob Bialek complete with his Crocs. Once we reached the foothill's of the 'Trough'  Bob the Croc had a moment of madness and made a full on attack. Bob J and myself, being old stagers, ignored his behaviour but Jason, mounted on a thoroughbred race steed could not ignore the insult to his state of the art (cycling specific) footwear, chased him down and disappeared over the summit in lone splendour (he was not seen again - wasn't at the Lantern O'er the Lune cafe and not at the finish - and had mentioned earlier the he didn't know the route - would love to know how he got on).
After a welcome break at the cafe we eventually emerged to even heavier rain. Fortunately there was some north in the wind direction so it wasn't all battling head winds, although strong gusts were at times bringing me almost to a standstill.  I was managing to keep warm enough and felt comfortable but the required strength was not there in my legs and I was unable to keep up with the Bobs and finally said goodbye to them on the road from Longridge to Whalley and arrived back at the appropriately named Oddfellows Rooms just after 5.30pm.

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