Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Reliability Ride 2012 - Thank you

On behalf of John and myself thank you for supporting what has now become known as 'JK's Early Season Reliability Ride '

I thought John had been kind in his route plan this year - but i'm getting snippets now that it was not so.
As I drove over to Keighley early afternoon I did see a few 'pained' faces at various stages of the Ingrow.

At least compared to the NWP the weather was kind to you

Also thank you to some of you for spreading the word to other clubs as I'm sure I was taking entry fees from members of 'clubs' that I don't have a contact for.

We had a record 92 entries who paid the entry to start out on their chosen distance and only a few didn't see it through to the end!

Best wishes

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