Saturday, September 03, 2011

MTB - last of the summer whine

Tomorrow morning ... 8am ... The Co-op carpark Hebden Bridge, on mountain bikes, ending up at Heptonstall cafe a few hours later.

Here are a couple of pictures from the ride. As you can see it was mostly flat and easy. A stalwart Condor friend Mr Dyson joined us, together with Graham, a whippet-thin young runner friend of Robins. In case you're in danger of getting them confused from that description, Neil is the one in the yellow Imps jersey.
From this hellishly early start we rose from the Co-Op to London Road and up to the Pike, through the rock garden and over the back to the White House at top of Blackstone Edge. The moorland crossing involves plenty of dips and dodges, and had us jumping off our bikes with joy & elation several times (see photo - it doesn't look so steep or boggy in a picture does it?). A fast & flowing descent dropped us down to the Canal at Littlebrough, though Robin insisted on a dead end detour to the local golf club first - maybe that's where every Volvo driver secretly wants to be on a Sunday morning? A butty stop at the lay-by was welcome, followed by a return ascent to London Road and a final thrilling descent  under our original wheel tracks to Hebden Br. (you go through a tiny arched bridge under track that we used on the outward leg, with the option of then off-piste riding through the woods to follow). Graham hadn't done this one before and was suitably impressed. Neil hadn't done this one before and was suitably and sensibly cautious by taking the on-road option for the last part. All happy and only three of us had any blood/wounds/scratches at all by the end so a good day in the hills.

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