Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Last Sunday on the road

The delights of MTB'ing extolled by that well known proselyte (????) Robin are undeniable but the virtues of road cycling should not be overlooked. Above is the view as I freewheeled down past the Ram Inn towards Denshaw last Sunday, what a beautiful day to be pottering round the local lanes; that was until I had to start pressing on the pedals harder as I was caught by Irish John, Dougie and Martin going up the Gully towards Buckstones. They had been on a warm up ride in preparation for the Imps freewheeling race. If preparation counts John should have been up with a chance of victory - in bed by 3am after a boozy do at the Imps Dinner followed by a breakfast at Hollingworth Lake cafe - oh what dedication in the pursuit of glory.
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