Tuesday, September 28, 2010


Message from Grimpy to all you happy campers:

Yes it’s that time of year again and we need your kind help & assistance to ensure we have another successful event.

The handbook details are below, same venue ( Bradley Woods). All being well we will repeat last years shorter course, removing the bottom leg which seemed to be more favourable to competitors and less work for us.

I will be on site from 8.30 a.m. and as before we need 2 groups to mark out the course from 8.30 sharp to ensure we have it complete before the youths start at 11.00.

Group 1 marking out the top end starting at the finish, doing the top loop back to just beyond the steps,

Group 2 starts beyond the steps making its way around the camp road to go up to the highest point in the woods, decending down to a tight turn returning back along the camp road to eventually arrive at the finish.

If you arrive late the tape & sticks will be with either group.

Please bring along equipment to help. E.g. hammer, scissors, knife, gloves, biro etc.

Bear in mind the site only has a tuck shop and its best to bring sandwiches and a flask.

Look forward to seeing you


John G

Bradley Woods Scout Camp, Brighouse, HD6 3TU.

Youth 11:00 £4.00 : U12 11:45 £1.00

V/W 12:45 £10.00 : S/J 13:45 £10.00

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