Monday, August 23, 2010

As planned I met Mick in Brighouse, James joined us at Elland Bridge (bit of a worry meeting James, looking strong and on a new bike with the latest technolgically advanced 29" wheels; Mick always waits for me but would he do so if he had James to race against? - but my fears were short lived - he'd been riding the Blackpool Nocturne the previous evening and was happy to have a steady ride). When Nigel & Melvin met us on the canal bank the other side of Sowerby Bridge things started to get dirty; the canal bank did anyway. A steady ride up Colden Clough was disrupted when Mel spotted 2 or 3 MTB'ers ahead and had to chase them down, fortunately it coincided with Mick requiring a comfort break so there was no pressure on me to chase after him. Once through Colden we joined the M.T. Loop over to Widdop where Nigel was able to give his sibling advice on the art of descending. On the road over to Thursden then over the cattle grid an up that pig of a climb towards Colden. At the top of the climb we turned right onto the new bit of Pennine Bridleway which leads to the old bridleway at Boulsworth Dyke. Down to Wycoller for refreshments then back up the track and onto the road at Watersheddles Ressy. It was road all the way home for me (puppy rearing duties) leaving the hard men to head back to Calderdale via Stairs Lane and Limers Gate. A good social morning out, about 47 miles and home for 1pm.
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