Saturday, June 12, 2010

6 June - mtb for the sixth week running

"The Widdop Switchbacks"
For some reason the knobbly tyres beckoned again this week. Three of us set off in shorts, short sleeves and light rain over top Withens. The charity ride from Fly Flats sailing club set off just as we got there and Robin was all for joining in. He has too much competitive spirit. Nige & I rode steadily on. Then a little-used moorland crossing from top of Stairs Lane over to Walshaw reservoirs and out on to the Widdop road to descend Big Jack on the tarmac. Nigel has been itching to go onto the new Sustrans bridleway (near the cattle grid), where we hit a long (and steep) set of freshly minted hairpin turns. We did then get a quick blast of a descent on these berms followed by another up. Maybe this route should be done the other way round soon to take advantage of all this downhill. The track brought us out onto Upper Gorple which we climbed to the top. Then right to the Gorple reservoirs and picked up the Pennine Bridleway to Heptonstall. Safe at last in our cafe of choice, though we were a bit muddy and splattered. I felt much better after the regulation butty. Slipped our way down blue pig and then an alternate climb (mostly paved) onto Sandy Lane and Old Town. That just left the nice run over Midgley Moor catching up with the tail end of the charity rides and job done.

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