Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Sunday 21st March

Just three of us at Hebden Bridge this Sunday; Steve, Ian and myself.

I nearly blobbed, but didn't, and was glad I'd made the effort as the route to Whalley Abbey was a revelation, a sharp right out of Hebden past Heptonstall and over the tops somehow managing to miss all major settlements. The fact that the skies cleared and the day warmed as we went served to lift the spirits and reminded me that if spring was not here already it was only just around the corner.

On the way home, fortified with coffee, bacon, eggs and fruit cake, I flattered to deceive, managing to stay with Steve on several of the minor category climbs only for both Ian and Steve to put me firmly in my place (several hundred yards off the back) on the hors category climb of "Hard Jack" before we descended, as a group, back to Hebden.

As I wheeled my bike in to the garage at the end of the day, I noticed that I had a slow puncture; on any other occasion I might have cursed my bad luck but the day had changed my perspective and I was able to congratulate myself on the fact that this puncture could be repaired at home and at leisure rather than on my haunches at the side of the road - sometimes I think my Sunday excursions are all that keep me sane!



  1. thanks for the write-up Richard

    if the Sunday runs are keeping you sane then maybe you need to get out more often ...

  2. Yes I ought to but usually find I can't.

    Did you get out today (28th)? I hope so, and if so, I hope you were able to eat your regulation bacon and egg sandwich sitting outside taking in the warm spring sunshine - as you can tell most of my pleasures are vicarious these days!