Sunday, January 10, 2010

Sunday 10th January

Another no-show from our on line convener Sean and from the Wainstalls contingent. Nevertheless we still had a good turnout, seven in total, myself, Brain, Pete, Pete Whitley, John and Chris from VS and Tom Murray from Ploughmam Craven; all in all a pretty wide range, both in terms of age and ability.

We decided to ignore Sean's suggestion of Settle (as he wasn't there he couldn't argue) and set fair for the cafe at Burnsall. The roads were clear of snow and ice and it was a good 3 to 4 degrees warmer than last week - happy days.

I think more than one of us were preparing our excuses for dropping off the back and making our own way as the quality and youth on the front of the bunch suggested that this ride could be a quite brisk. Fortunately nobody was looking to put the hammer down so with the exception of Pete (Whitley) who turned just afer Skipton we all made it to Burnsall more or less together.

On the return Pete struggled with a troublesome free wheel which intermittently was "free" in both directions however this did give me an opportunity to recover and probably meant I stayed in touch for longer than would otherwise have been the case

The ride back inevitably became fragmented with Tom, John and Chris finally breaking some rather slack elastic on the climb over Cringles. I lost touch with Pete and Brian on the same hill, caught them at Silsden only to be dropped again going up Ingrow.

As I say - Happy Days!

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  1. Yes, I do sound like a football manager shouting his instructions from the sideline at the moment don't I! Both Niall and myself have been out both last week and this, unfortunately we've been 15 minutes behind the rest of you! The gritting trucks haven't seen fit to grace the roads of Shibden Valley for over a week now. We've been literally walking to get out anywhere, all of which takes more time than I've allowed for. Glad to see a good group have been getting out and hope to be there with you all one of these days.