Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Three Peaks Cyclo Cross

Entry form for this year's event went on the Three Peaks web site at 12pm last night and was withdrawn by midday today as demand was "excessive".

I managed to download, complete and post my entry form but I'm not sure whether other Condor regulars, (John,Ian,and Robin) will have been so lucky (I still don't know that my entry will be accepted).

In the past preference may have been given to long standing entrants and those from local clubs, but the whole event has become a lot slicker recently and more organised so I'm not sure whether there will be latitude for the organisers to make decisions on grounds such as these. This said I'm sure Rob Jebb will get a ride whenever he puts his application in!

If you're a disappointed Condor it may be worth a quiet word with the organiser John Rawnsley if you know how to contact him - he may have gone to ground however - I guess he'll be getting a lot of calls at the moment.

The Vicar

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  1. Apologies for commenting on this post as this is completely unrelated!

    Last Sunday I had a chance meeting with two old friends - Paul Hickey and Paul Gower who I hadn’t seen in years, it took me back to my youth and wonderful memories of a time when I was far fitter than I am today!

    30 years ago as a young lass, I joined the Condor Road Club and met some fantastic people and enjoyed wonderful club runs, not to mention some very boozy exploits! Character building is the term I think that best serves this part of my life!

    Cycling has always been a part of my life though I am often a spectator these days rather than a participant.

    I now live in Guiseley, am married and have a 14 year old son who despite my best efforts prefers football to cycling.

    I run a charity called Andrea's Gift which raises funds for brain tumour patients and research in Yorkshire, and each May, we have an annual 65 mile cycle ride from Wetherby to Scarborough. I will let you know the date for 2010 and maybe some of you will join us, it would be fantastic to see you all again.

    For my own pursuits, in 2005 I attempted Letape du Tour in the Pyrenees with a bunch of doctors I work with on the charity. Sadly I was time eliminated before the major climb - col d'Aubisque so I was unable to claim my medal, but it was an amazing event.

    Your friend in cycling
    Carol xx