Monday, December 07, 2009

The next few weeks

The grimpeur's section met yesterday at Elland Bridge for a South Pennine circuit in rather better weather conditions than the previous week. Brian, Damian and myself were joined by Dave Woodhead and Dan Annison.
Highlights were..................
Good tailwind from Greenfield over Isle of Skye
Bacon & egg sandwich at the Wrinkled Stockings, 5 out of 5
Dave in agony with cramp on the climb from Slaithwaite to Pole Moor
Lowlights were...................
Headwind from West Vale to Buckstones
Setting off again after an hour in the cafe
Dan making everyone's legs hurt

Next Sunday, the 13th I suggest we meet 0900hrs Denholmgate and perhaps go Skipton, Hetton, Winterburn for cafe stop at Aireton, stopping off at the pub in Carleton on the way back to have a pint with our old mates from the Bradford Elite.

The following Sunday, the 20th, will of course be Rileys Treat, I assume as usual at the Robin Hood, Pecket Well. Looks like a Denholmgate meet again, 0900hrs for an en-route potter round Herders & Widdop and a look in at this cafe Iv'e heard a lot about at Heptonstall.
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