Monday, May 04, 2009

Ride Report - Burnsall cafe

I was pleased to see Pete, Vicar and Nigel had hung on at the start - one of the advantages of saying you are going to come on a ride is that folk then kindly give a couple of minutes grace to latecomers. One day I'll make an extra effort to set off in good time. They even accepted my suggestion of going over Eastby Brow, but the return route through Thorpe and Gargrave made better use of the strong westerly breeze. The strong tailwind was a real help and the pace was sensible, so for once this flock of Condors crested a hill pretty much as one bunch. Robin had joined us in Keighley, along with Steve who is now out of hibernation and traing for the Etape du Dales in a couple of weeks. The extra loop up Greenhow was discussed but then rejected and we were in the cafe at Burnsall by 10:30. The early stop was welcomed by Vicar after a late night. Pete was gravely dissapointed not to get his customary cake (and told us so) but the boys were eager to be back on their bikes.
As a fine spring day with plenty of sunshine this was a great 60 miles and no-one finished on their knees. Well, maybe Steve did seem a tiny bit tired as he went back over Cock Hill. I did hear him say something about how the wind had changed since this morning and, gosh, he was so delighted that now there'd be a headwind going back as well...

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