Monday, May 25, 2009

Blame it on the Boogie

Sorry guys I have to own up, I sort of gave up, on Sunday, on the long drag from Airton over Scalebar to Settle.

I could blame it on my gears which were misfiring, and my injured knee which, to be fair, was giving me jip, but this really doesn't wash, so, perhaps I should blame it on the deadening effect of three hundred flat and steady miles over the previous weekend, and then, for good measure, blame my age.

On reflection, none of this will do; might just as well blame it on the boogie. Truth is, as I say, I sort of gave up; not really a good plan with Robin and Melvyn, on the front, tapping out tempo.

You'll be pleased to know I gave myself a good kicking on my solo ride from Settle back to Keighley.

Hope you all had a good day and see you next Sunday!

Richard (Vicar)

PS What's happened to Brian? I passed him going up Ingrow - you won't be surprised to know I was in a car, he was on a bike - at first I didn't recognise him, not a hint of Condor blue but pretty in pink - has he lost the faith?

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