Thursday, January 01, 2009

Training rides.

It's that time of year again guys!

We've put together a list of meeting times and places for the upcoming training season, it's on the CCA website (Ian's also published the list in the Condor Beak). The hope is that a set list will ensure that even if no-one takes the initiative before the Sunday we can all be assured of a few friendly faces (and one or two wheels to sit behind) on the morning. Perhaps we could use the blog to discuss the route/destination beforehand, failing that we could decide on the day.

We've got 9.30 at Denholme Gate down for this Sunday's meet, traditionally we go up to Kettlewell on our first ride. Everyone up for that?

Unfortunately, I'll not be along myself this week as I have a cast on my left wrist. I'm hoping it'll be off by next week.

Happy new year to all.

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