Thursday, October 16, 2008

Cyclocross Appeal

Although I survived the Three Peaks the other week it would seem that my cyclo cross frame didn't. I've just identified a crack on the down tube (the sort of damage you get when you run your Raleigh Chopper in to the back of a bus - only titanium, I now find, doesn't bend quite like steel).

This blows a bit of a hole in my cyclocross season, I'm looking at a few new frames at the moment but this is going to take some time and it crossed my mind that one of you guys might be looking to off load an unwanted frame or bike, (for an agreed number of beer tokens of course), and that this might be a quicker way of getting back in the saddle.

Most of you will be able to guess my approximate frame size (52 -54 cm). Let me know if you've got anything suitable gathering dust in the back of the shed.

01484 602288 (evening) 01937 547807 (day)

Richard (The Vicar)

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