Tuesday, September 30, 2008

3 Peaks results

News from Grimpy:
"I was 3rd in my age group 185th in the event, poor ride had a heavy cold ( still have) anyway that’s my excuse- you can see all the results on the 3 peaks website.
"Ian & Richard finished nearly together. Quite an experience with 500 starting together on the open road."
"Robin won a prize at the 3 peaks, he did a great ride I think he was 40th out of 400+ anyway he was 11th in the over 40’s "
43rd Robin Holt MV40 - 3:40:46
185th John GinleyMV60 - 4:23:45
267th Ian Wellock MV40 - 4:46:24
269th Richard Burnham MV50 - 4:46:42
DNS - Peter Horne

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