Thursday, July 03, 2008

World Wide Scoop

On an unbelievably hot, sunny day in Provence on his birthday (Tuesday 1st July 2008) an ex- Tour de France winner look alike, otherwise known as our President, began the ascent of the Ventoux from the Bedoin side.

There were frequent stops during the 22 kilometres of torture to chew over the immensity of the task. And to seriously consider turning back. But onward and forever upward he flew into the Condor record books, and of course cloud at the top, to be the first ever Bird of the Andes to conquer The Giant of Provence.

When I saw John at his holiday home that evening to celebrate his birthday, he looked awfully ill. But a few shots of Cote de Rhone revived him to tell us all the tale of his epic challenge ride.

Let us all raise our glasses to his achievement.

An exiled Condor,


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  1. Congratulations John. Glad you enjoyed the trip!

    Hi Phillip - thanks for the post.