Sunday, June 22, 2008

White Rose

From the photos online here, here and here (oh, and here) it looks like our chaps had a good day for the White Rose. Timings are listed as Melvyn 6.49, Doug Burnside 7.33, Damien 8.22. Can any of you post the full story?
Even closer to home I see that some Condors were there at the Pain in the Pennines - including Doug (7.08), and Mr Gower (9.18). That's for the long 'un. Well done Paul, you are putting the rest of us to shame. And El Presedente was there too doing the 60 miles in 5.35.
Next, a mystery for you. There will be a prize for the best answer. Who is the elusive 'Graham Norton'? He rode the Etape this year and the White Rose amongst others as a "Condor". I've even seen him in a club jersey once upon a time at the North West Passage. But have you ever spoken to this most shy of riders? (More importantly, asks Gower, has he ever paid his club subs ...).
Thusday 26th is the Otley crit. Let me know if you want a lift over and we'll sort out who is going.
And next Sunday is the Dave Lloyd mega-challenge - 140 miles of pain as explained here. Now it is no surprise that Melv has entered - and Steve has too but is wishing he hadn't. So there might be a place going if you want it ...

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