Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Message from Grimpy

I am getting some company jerseys placing an order shortly I attach the proof.
It’s with a company called Kalas.
Before ordering I wondered if anyone in the club was interested in purchasing?
A change from condor on occasions?
The sample they sent looks OK ?
I went for a fairly dark arrangement to suit old men like me??
I am afraid I have never done blog stuff and wonder if you can put this item on the blog for me?
Price wise you are looking at approx £35 per item ( shorts or short sleeve jersey)
You can find size guide on http://www.kalaswear.com/products/sizeguide.html
I also have two size samples shorts & jerseys in small & large at PENNINE
Anyway more important how did you do in the Fred Whitton on Sunday.
Brian did a 52 40 (40 something not sure on exact seconds) on Saturday in was it the nunbrook wheelers 25 I think?
I said what position did you finish – not sure there was a few 51’s

John sent me the above e-mail asking me to put it on the blog - he also sent me an attachment with the artwork for his Pennine kit but try as I may I cannot upload it onto the blog so if you would like to have a look e-mail John at jginley@pennineuk.com

Well done to Melvin who knocked about half an hour off his previous best time for the Fred Whitton lowering the Condor record for the route to 6.42.35 giving him 54th overall out of 823 finishers. Dougie recorded 8.19.19 and Martin Croft from the Imps 8.29.06, these times were over an hour slower than my time last year so I suspect there must be a story of misfortune yet to be heard.

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