Thursday, February 21, 2008

HCA Ride - 23 Feb 08

This Sunday is the regular HCA Reliability Trial organised by John Kay of the Imps and starting 9am PROMPT from The Ritz, Bradford Road, Brighouse. There is a small entry fee of about a pound so bring some small change.

Now, as you know, Brighouse is at the centre of the turning universe as far as members of the Condor are concerned and is our spiritual home. I'd happily guide any uninitiated western riders living in, say, Hebden Bridge (Steve) or Cragg Vale (Peter) or even Booth (Robin) to the gates of these Elysian fields so that they may better experience the joy, nay exultation, that is Brighouse and its pinacle of architectural enlightenment - a.k.a. The Ritz Ballroom, just off the roundabout next to Tesco.

I'm hoping for another slow and steady ride on the short course of usually 60 miles or so whilst the racing lads can hammer each other in a repeat performance of last weekend on the long one (usually 80 miles) on whatever develish course JK has laid out for us this year.

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