Wednesday, January 02, 2008

6 Jan - Kettlewell

Meet 10am at Denholme to match the Imps run (which means about 10.30 at Keighley roundabout) for the first Sunday run of 2008.
This is the only photo I could find on the web of the lovely Madame Zarina (centre) in Kettlewell, where we will be headed for the bacon & egg sarnies. Hopefully we'll avoid the 2CV rally that has bugged us in the past if we go up the small roads and back on the main road.
Club Meeting
The next one is 16 Jan in the Puzzle Hall Inn, Sowerby Bridge from 9pm.
Club Dinner - 26 Jan
A reminder that the club dinner is coming soon on Saturday 26 January 2008 at Lightcliffe Golf Club (no, I don't know where that is either, so I'll have to go along to find out. Apparently it is near Brighouse somewhere). Tickets are on sale now from Paul Gower.
Club Subs
Also due now-ish. Still the same bargain price of £6. See Paul again. Maybe that's a reason not to go to the Puzzle on the 16th after all ...

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