Friday, November 09, 2007

11 Nov - Condor Cross

A good event on a cold bright day. Thanks again to John Ginley for organising. Thanks also to everyone that turned up to help out - Gordon, Paul, Brian, JD, Melvyn, John "el Presidente" Lumb, Eric and more!

It is also worth mentioning that we had no less than FOUR riders in the vets race from a packed field of 63 riders

- Grimpy had a great start and held on well to finish 11th overall and first over 60

- Richard Burnham ("Vicar") finished 20-something and second over 50

- Ian Wellock rode well (on a mountain bike!) for a very creditable finish mid-table

- Steve Cavell flew the club colours with a good ride.

I should also mention Andy Marshall (VS Cycles) who was right at the sharp end and finished well inside the top ten.

Apologies for the very rough placings. I'll have to have a stern word with the chap at the finish line (me!) who was noting down final positions. He'll have to do better next year!

The Youths race had a good field. The U12's was chaos! The seniors race was very fast and reminded me why volunteering to marshall is much better than actually riding ...

Hopefully Pete "the flash" Horne will have some pictures for us soon.

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