Wednesday, March 28, 2007


Evening mountain bike runs started last Monday with over 30 riders meeting outside VS Cycles in Brighouse at 1830hrs. We had a good ride in superb conditions going up through Rastrick Woods, down a superb descent, over the railway line and through the fields to Elland. Through Elland Bridge Park, up Gogg Hill, through to West Vale and along the side of Black Brook to Elistones Lane. Then up to Upper Greetland, down through Copley Woods and back to the Red Rooster along the canal towpath. The rides will meet there every Monday at 6.30pm through to when the clocks change back. Although some occasionally stop at the odd pub on the way round the runs always finish at the Rooster where the landlord, Eddie puts on a free supper.

The racing season is several weeks old now with Brian and John once again flying the flag for the Condor. They rode the LVRC Australian Pursuits at Barton-on-Humber last Saturday with Brian taking his first win of the new season easily beating former Huddersfield Star Wheeler, Richard Booth with whom he had formed part of a three man break earlier in the race. Grimpy showed that he's carried over his cyclo-cross form from the winter to take 6th place.

Myself and Nigel flew the Condor colours in the 200k Red Rose Audax on Sunday. We were joined by Damian, former Condor Pete Whiteley, Mick Collins, Steve Robinson (Sowerby Bros) and a few more familiar faces whose names escape me. It was dry and sunny but certainly not the glorious NW Passage weather, with a stiff, cold easterly wind making the home leg of 60 miles from Lantern o'er the Lune cafe at Glasson Docks, hard work. Hard or not it did'nt stop Nigel putting in the lions share of the work an the way home, I was almost feeling sorry for him as he was left on the front into the blustery wind - but I soon got over it. I went through whats become a familiar format, dropped on the climbs, spend miles chasing alone, catch the bunch at the cafe, nip out of the cafe whilst the're waiting for their tea to cool, get caught, sit in till the next climb then get dropped again. It was good to see Clive Williamson at the start, he's rumoured to have made a full recovery now from being run down by a motorist over Cringles a couple of years ago, he's obviously full of confidence and I hope he enjoyed the ride.

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