Tuesday, January 30, 2007

4 Feb - Silverdale in the sunshine

Eleven riders set out from Denholme in warm, bright sunshine for this day out in the dales. JohnG's world championship medal must have been weighing heavy round his neck because he turned for home at Arncliffe with Daniel for company, while Damien was last seen pedalling on toward Kettlewell.

The remaining eight "enjoyed" the climb over Silverdale and down into Settle for the cafe stop. Overcome with enthusiasm they they "enjoyed" even more going over Attermire to Airton. As long as you didn't stop to fix a loose mudguard, the happy band then had an easy run down to Gargrave for the route home.

Fantastic weather and clear visibility made it a great day to be out for early Feb.

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  1. nigel is angling for silverdale, wherever that is ... it sounds a long way .. but i've an all day pass, so as long as we're back before Heartbeat